Road Heading Machines KRP-3

This machine is designated for driving the mine workings of the arched form with the cross-section of 8 m2 and the inclination of ±15° in the saliferous rocks having cutting resistance up to 450 N/mm.

Field of application of the machine are permanent, developing and excavation workings of the gas-hazardous potash mines including workings driven in the strata prone to gas and rock-bumps.
Road heading machine brakes the rock mass, unloads it from the face and loads onto vehicles installed behind the machine.
Road heading machine is a self-propelled machine, all assemblies and units of which are mounted on the carriage of the chassis used a haulage of the machine into the face during mining and its transportation through the workings during maneuvering.
Destruction of the face will be achieved by means of the picks of the cutting bar, bench cutters and shearing drums.

Main technical data
 Advancing performance, m/min  0,28
 Mining performance, t/min  4,7
 Dimensions of the working:
   - section area, m2  8±0,1
   - height, m  3±0,1
    - width, m  3±0,1
   - profile of the working  arched
   - min. radius of the rounding of the driven working, m  22
 Inclination of the working, degrees  up to ±15
 Type of haulage  crawler drive
 Speed, maneuvering, m/h  320
 Speed, working, m/h  up to 16,8
 Type of the belt conveyor  Belt
 width, mm  1000
 Belt speed, m/sec.  1,28
 Rotation speed of the cutting organ
   - crossbar min-1  6,97
   - bar, min-1  13,16
   - bench cutters, min-1  21
   - cutter heads, min-1  42,2
 Maximal working pressure of the hydraulic system, MPa  7,85
 Electric equipment -
   - voltage, V  660
    - dust-ignition  proof enclosure
 Power of electric motors,
 Total rated power of electric motors  368,5
    - cutting organ, kW  2х110
    - oil pumps and bench cutters, kW  110
    - pump of the steering circuit, kW  1,5
    - conveyor, kW  15
    - fan, kW  2х15
 Overall dimensions, length - width, m  9200 х 2850
 Weight, t  58,5


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