Mining Equipment

  • alt Road Headers

    Road heading machines are designated for driving the mine workings. Road heading machine brakes the rock mass, unloads it from the face and loads onto vehicles installed behind the machine.

  • alt Compensation Slot Cutting Machines

    The machine is designed for cutting compensation slots from any angle around the perimeter of the horizontal mines and mines inclined up to ± 12°, with height 2,6-3,0 m, jet-ventilated with fresh air, with resistance to cutting rocks up to Ap = 450 N / mm.

  • alt Draglines

    Dragline МЗШ-6,5/45 (walking excavator) - is a steerable electric walking dragline with a working equipment of dragline. It is used for surface mining of minerals without transportation system, during construction of canals, irrigation systems, and various water networks.


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