Electrical Equipment and Automation Systems

  • alt Pit Shafts Signal System

    Pit Shafts Signal System MASS is designed for coordination of process personnel actions and control of hoisting unit during trips of men, cargo and oversized equipment, as well as during examinations, inspections and overhauls in the pit shafts and head frame rig, and is also used in man, man-cargo and cargo hoisting units of mines (pits).

  • alt Mine Shaft Wireless Communication System, Rope Slacking Prevention

    Mine Shaft Wireless Communication System is designed for coordinating actions of technological personnel and operators of mine hoisting machines when carrying out work on descent and ascent of people, audits, inspections and repair work in mine shafts, monitoring condition of sensors of lifting vessels (mine cage or skip) and issuing control signals to control circuit of mine hoisting machines.

  • alt Mine Shaft Conveyance Monitoring

    The shaft and hoisting systems are the main links in the technological scheme of production of mining enterprises. The successful operation of the mine and the whole enterprise  depends on the stable operation of the shaft equipment. One of the ways to increase the productivity of mine hoisting systems is to increase the speed of the lifting vessel movement.

    We offer an innovative, fully wireless solution for skip monitoring and communications. This solution provides not only skip conveyance monitoring, namely slack and tight rope conditions, rigid skip guides, but also digital voice and signalling on demand. Wireless coverage is provided for skip, shaft, and access levels.

    Please contact us if you would like to discuss your particular application.

  • alt Loudspeaking and Warning Signal System

    Loudspeaking and Warning Signal System is designed for talk-back communication and signaling within range of long wall set of equipment and with mine (pit) supervisor, interlock of power train switches mounted on the entry; indication of states of technological protections, machines and mechanisms of the complex, as well as for talk-back communication along shafts.

  • alt Laser Alignment System UNL

    The Laser Alignment Systems UNL are designed for fixing horizontal and incline reference directions in tunnels and mine workings, hazardous in mine gas and combustion dust. The Laser Systems UNL can be used for mining and tunelling.

  • alt Optical Belt Scales VKO

    Optical Belt Scales VKO are designed for measuring weight (volume) of loose materials transferred by belt conveyers. Also can be used to determine the number and the grade of goods transported on conveyors.

  • alt Frequency Converter Ex (explosion-proof) with air-cooling

  • alt Group Switchgear System GKRU-RN-6/10 Series IGEA T

  • alt Frequency Converter

    Frequency converter is designed for changing frequency and voltage of power circuit, control of start and stop actions, adjustment of speed, protection against current overloads and short-circuiting of 3-phase alternating current electric motors with power up to 200 kW.

  • alt Water Cooler

    Water Cooler is designed for heat exchange between liquid heat carrier (water emulsion liquid, water) in closed circulation loop and gaseous heat carrier (air) in open loop.

  • alt Control Station

    Control Station is designed for remote control (switching on and off), protection of asynchronous electric motors with short-circuited rotor (from 1 to 10 pc) against overload currents and short-circuiting, and diverging connections in mine electric networks with transformer insulated by neutral.

  • alt Mine Power Unit

    Mine Power Unit is designed to provide control and automatic devices with DC stabilized voltage and AC non-stabilized voltage, microprocessor systems of industrial equipment, as well as provide automatic devices with information on presence of supply voltage at the unit output by means of discrete output.

  • alt Explosion-Proof Lamp

    Explosion-proof luminescent lamp is designed for general illumination of underground mine workings, shafts and their above-ground buildings hazardous in mine gas and/or combustible dust of faces, and mine workings hazardous in gas and dust, in mines and pit shafts.

  • alt Intrinsically Safe Power Supply Unit type ZIM

  • alt Movement Control Sensor

    Movement Control Sensor is designed for monitoring movement of movable operating elements of face and gate drag conveyers in underground mine workings hazardous in explosion of gas and dust.

  • alt Reed Magnetic Sensor

    Reed Magnetic Sensor is designed for control of object position and generation of signals about location of object in given zone. The sensor can be used in underground main workings of shafts and pits, including salt ones hazardous in mine gas.

  • alt Medium Voltage Switchgear

    Medium voltage switchgear is used for receipt and distribution of electric power on transformer and distribution substations, as well as for performance of commutation functions in industry. Field of application covers nominal voltages up to 20 kV and nominal currents up to 2500 A.

  • alt Electronic control units and relays

    Electronic control units and relays for installation in mining electrical equipment (compact stations and control stations) and contactor starters.

  • alt Automated Electric Drive For Mining Equipment

  • alt Microprocessor Conveyor Control Systems KMUK


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