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KEYTRADE is a part of PASSAT companies group.

The company "Passat" Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is a diversified enterprise. It's main activities are:

  •     industrial and civil construction;
  •     research and development, manufacture and supply of equipment for the mining industry;
  •     production of plastic pipes.

During the reorganization in 2007-2008 from the parent company "Passat" was established a group of companies.

Mining sector is represented by the following organizations:

  •     "Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation" Ltd. - development and manufacture of electrical and automation equipment for mines and dressing mills, research and design of facilities for the mining industry;
  •     "Research and Production Association" Passat" Ltd. - development and manufacture of equipment for mining and chemical industries;
  •     "Mashhimprom" Ltd. - fabrication and installation of custom metalwork;
  •     "KEYTRADE" Ltd. - implementation of export policy of "Passat" group companies in the mining industry.

The company "KEYTRADE" is the sales representative of these enterprises and the latter was founded to build export capacity, find ways for cooperation of mining companies and equipment manufacturers, to promote innovative solutions and to support scientific and technological development of the industry.

Currently, the group of companies employs more than 1,200 specialists in different areas, with extensive experience in introducing new developments in the current technological process.

Use of its own scientific and technical developments in production process, use of high-quality components, close cooperation with leading European manufacturers (the major partner is company «Siemens»), bringing in the companies group structure experienced and highly qualified professionals together enables our products to successfully compete on the market.

An important advantage of our companies is a "neighborhood" of the world's largest plant for the extraction and production of mineral fertilizers - "Belaruskali". Close cooperation with this giant enterprise can continuously improve the quality and range of products, offer innovative design and technical solutions that lay the foundation for success on foreign markets.



Would you like to become a KEYTRADE dealer?

KEYTRADE’s success is built on a reputation for supplying and servicing high quality mining equipment and solutions which offers exceptional value.

But this success is not due to KEYTRADE alone.  Key partners in our business are the dealers who market, support and service the products we offer.

We are a dynamic organization with the aim to continue being a well-known supplier of mining equipment on the market of Russia and Kazakhstan. We are looking for dealers who have a strong reputation in their local market and can work with us to achieve our common goals.


We are looking for dedicated dealers…

We are looking for dealers who are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of their business and are passionate about developing and growing their business with us.

We are looking for full service dealers…

Our business is focused on providing our customers only the very best products and services available.  We strive to provide all of our customers with unmatched support – from providing professional advice to training customers how to get the most productivity from the products we offer.  We are looking for full service dealers who want to give all their customers only the very best we can offer.

We are looking for dealers who want to grow with us…

The success of our business depends on the success of our partners in business. We are a dynamic company and a growing company, and we seek dealers whose ambition it is to be outstanding in their business and to continue to develop and grow.

If you feel that your dealership meets the criteria above and you are interested in becoming a KEYTRADE dealer in Central and Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, contact our Sales Department: Contact us


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