• 19.12.2012

    Уголь не в тренде

    Американская угольная компания PBS Coals, входящая в добывающий дивизион «Северстали» Алексея Мордашова, продолжает сокращать добычу угля.

  • 03.10.2012

    Xstrata Coal объяснила рост продаж угля на 17%
    Горнодобывающая компания Xstrata Coal смогла увеличить продажи угля благодаря развитию новых и существующих проектов. Об этом в комментарии МинПрому рассказал менеджер по внешним связям Xstrata Coal Фрэнсис де Роса (Francis De Rosa).
  • 08.05.2012

    19th International Trade Fair for Mining Technology, Novokuznetsk, Russia

    5 – 8 June 2012, Novokuznetsk City, Russia

  • 29.02.2012

    China coal consumption continues to rise

    According to the China Electricity Council, China's coal demand will reach 4.3 billion tons by 2015, an increase of 970 million tons compared to the year 2010 and an annual increase of 5.2 percent, Shanghai Securities News reported on Monday.

  • 14.02.2012

    Indian group plans Qlds biggest coal mine

    An Indian conglomerate is planning to build Queensland's biggest coal mine, west of Rockhampton in the state's central region, including a new town, runway, railway and port facilities.

  • 13.01.2012

    Mechel completes rail link to huge coking coal deposit

    Russian steel and mining company Mechel has completed the 321 km rail track linking its Elga coking coal mine, which sits one of the world's largest coking coal deposits, to the main Siberian rail network, the company said in a statement late Wednesday.

  • 12.12.2011

    Energy demand is up 30 percent by 2040 but coal will be a smaller part of the picture

    Energy demand is predicted to be 30 percent higher by 2040 due to growing population and a rising GDP, but coal use will peak and decline over this same period.


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