Mine Hoisting Equipment

  • alt Mine Cages

    Non-tilting mine cage for single-rope vertical hoisting is designed for transportation of personnel, mine cars (empty and loaded), as well as equipment and material in the vertical shafts.

  • alt Mine Skips

    Mine skips for transportation of ore in the vertical pits with single and double rope hoisting machines, counter-weights, conductors for skips and appropriate suspension gears.

  • alt Roller Guides

    Roller guides are designed to provide straight tripping of mine lifting vessel in vertical shafts with rigid armouring equipped with metal conductors box section.

  • alt Hoisting Pulleys

    Pulleys are designed to work in the mine lifting complex and provide support and direction of the steel ropes of one-rope hoisting plant.

  • Winches

    The winch is designed to replace reinforcement and conductors in mine shafts, and for lifting and lowering of cargoes up to 3.5 tons.

  • alt Suspension Gears, Conductors


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